Heroes: Season 1 Bonus Episode

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, in all areas and walks of life. But what defines a hero and is a hero necessarily a leader? Today in our Season One Bonus Episode, Tarran and Russell discuss what is means to be a hero and where we spot them in our every day life.

As we look toward a potential Season Two of the Awesome Show, we’d love to hear what you enjoyed as a listener of the podcast and potentially what you want to see. So please let us know so we can make the future of the Awesome Show even shinier than its beginnings.

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10. Declarations, Resolutions and Good Intentions

This week in our final episode for season number one, we discuss the declarations and resolutions that we make as leaders throughout the year. What can we do to ensure that these are not simply good intentions but a pathway to growth and long term achievement? Let’s find out.

Please excuse the audio quality of this episode, technology was not on our side and we wanted to ensure that we had this conversation prior to the New Year so that you too can set yourself up for success in the year ahead.

Thank you for listening along over the last ten episodes and if this is your first time listening, make sure to go back and listen to previous episodes. We’d love your feedback and requests for future seasons of The Awesome Show in what ever form they take. Exciting times ahead!

9. Sales for Leaders

Sales is a major part of getting things done, whether you look at it from a financial stand-point or from that of influence. Whether you’re convincing a child to go to bed, influencing a team to attack a challenge or converting a multi-national corporate to invest in your business. Every leader is selling.

In today’s festive episode we explore the components of selling as that relate to leadership and discuss how we apply that in our own world.

8. Speaking Up!

As a leader, how are you having your voice heard? Whether it be one-to-one or one-to-many, how are you influencing those around you? Becoming an effective speaker and communicator is a major step to ensuring your message, not only gets across, but is delivered in a more efficient manner.

Today Tarran and Russell look at speaking from the ‘platform’, in the home and around the office. Why do we find speaking to be a useful tool? And, how do we use it in our daily interactions?

7. Your Online Leadership Presence

What is your online reputation? What is being said about you and how are you acting in the online space? The ability for people to share your comments, and view public transcriptions of your statements makes amplification of your message so much easier and more powerful than ever before. Like a double edged sword, it can swing both ways.

Today we talk about the people, practice and process of leadership and online presence so you are armed with the tools to manage your digital footprint and take advantage of your online reputation and so that it works for you.

Online tools we discuss in this episode:
– www.namecheck.com
– www.namestation.com
– www.google.com.au/alerts
– www.klout.com

6. Leadership Ethics

As leaders, we can have a huge influence on how those around us act on a day-to-day basis. Defining the ethics of the way we go about our day-to-day can often lead the example for our communities and organisations in both good times and during crisis.

Today we discuss the role of a leader from an ethical point-of-view and we review decision making based on our values, responsibilities and the environment in which we operate.

5. Politics, Performance and Perceptions

Recent changes in the Australian Political landscape have us reviewing our place as leaders in the current environment.

In this episode you’ll hear a frank discussion of our perceptions and insights around leadership in the 21st Century. We look at what honouring leadership means for leaders today and the dangers to watch for in a very transparent yet highly subjective communication space.


4. Real Conversations

Leadership is not always the glamourous soapbox position that many believe it is. It’s not always speaking to a cheering crowd of supporters.

From time to time, it’s necessary to have often difficult, robust and sometimes confronting conversations with those we’re working with, in all areas of life.

This week we review the different obstacles and pitfalls that you may find in your leadership conversations and discuss strategies for getting the very best results from your communication.

3. Self Mastery

Masters of the Self! An ever expanding journey.

How do we become the best Father, Mother, Wife or Husband? How do we become the BEST in all areas of our life…OR…is that what it’s really all about?

Today we discuss what it takes to bring out the best in ourselves in this very busy environment and debate the very essence of what self mastery means to us personally as leaders.

2. Cultural Leadership

Whether you’re a fortune 500 or a two person start-up, the cultural mix you lead within your team is going to underpin everything you do. Your culture will define your future successes or will be the thing that holds you back from achieving your goals.

Today we discuss how cultural leadership impacts businesses, organisations and communities, both large and small.

Join us for a practical look at leadership, resources that we’ve found helpful and your questions answered on…The Awesome Show!